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The music always calls me back

Somehow the music always calls me back. It has a way of snapping me out of my every day world and back into the music. That place of peace. The flow.

After a hectic start to the year, here I am again, “snapped back” by "Duck Dance", and “Thoughts”.

I was thrilled to see song downloads suddenly spike up this last few weeks, especially in Finland, Sweeden and in the USA.

I wonder who is downloading, and listening, and hope that they have a smile on their face and warmth in their hearts.

I have a new song waiting in the wings, ready for release. This next one has me singing a song of motherly love to the "little one" inside us all.

I hope to get to releasing shortly.

Thank you to those who have downloaded the songs so far, and I would love to hear how the songs made you feel, dance or groove!

Stay safe.


Latest Dance Track

"Take it Higher and DANCE"    by Pia Francini 

"A thumping, dancing, good time."

Release Date:  19-Nov-2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 5.54.36 pm

“Take it Higher and Dance” has a thumping dance beat, that will get your body moving. With it’s addictive lyrics, clever rock and classical instrumentals, grooving backing vocals, with Dance / Electronic beats. This one is rock’in. Hope you enjoy it. Good luck to all on the ESA team working to land their probe on the comet tomorrow. To see the mission page, click here.

Primary Genre:  Dance

Secondary Genre:  Electronic  

Language: English

Listen or Buy at  iTunes

“Take it Higher and DANCE” by Pia Francini

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 5.54.36 pm

So my new song “Take it Higher and Dance” has just been released on iTunes. I really like this one. It starts out with a cheaky beat which is lifted by an electric guitar echoing from the distance. Then the dance beat comes in, taking the track to a “higher” energy level. As the various vocals interweave, and play off each other, I love feeling of my heel tapping on the floor as I listen out for the classical instruments playing along with the rock instruments. It reminds me a bit of a rock opera, but definately is more Dance than Rock at least IMHO. Whatever you do, don’t look at my “Take it higher” Album, make sure to click on the “Take it higher and Dance” Single. The Dance one is the right track. I made a mistake on the otherone and uploaded the “Bump it Up” song by mistake. Thankfully it will be pulled from the “shelves” soon, so this confusion will go away. I guess that’s what you get from publishing your music in the wee hours of the morning :)   I hope you enjoy this one. Over then next week or so, it will also be available via Amazon, Spotify and many other music streaming sites, so keep an eye out for it. Thanks so much to all those who have downloaded my music so far. Its really great thinking that it may be bring joy to someones life, even for a moment.

Listen to a snippet via iTunes

Songwriting Part 1: Where to get a new song idea? STEP 4

So far we’ve talked about what steps we can take to find our inspriation for writing a new song. 

The steps covered so far include:

STEP 1: Go to sleep. See more >

STEP 2: Write from your heart. Feel the song. See more >

STEP 3: Experience life. See more >

There are so many many more things that we can do to find our inspiration for writing a song. I look forward to writing about them. Here’s a brief overview of just a few of them that I have found really helpful. If you would like to hear about one of them before the others, please drop me a quick message and I’ll be happy to share it before the others. 

If you’ve found a great way to get your songwriting flowing, feel free to share too.

Other STEPs for finding inspiration for a song:

=> Build a song from the sounds around you

=> Listen to nature. It’s amazing how nature can give us songs

=> Watch a good, moving movie, get your emotions flowing

=> Listen to songs that move you, tap into your emotional flow

=> Jam with others

=> Have fun

=> Sit back, relax, no pressure. Let it flow.

What have you found has helped you get inspired for a great song?

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Songwriting Part 1: Where to get a new song idea? STEP 3

To review our steps to getting inspired with a new song, here’s what we have so far:

STEP 1: Go to sleep. As you start waking up, be aware of any new tunes or song ideas that come to you. Write them down to build upon further later in the day. See more on STEP 1 >

STEP 2: Write from your heart. Feel the song. Try to calm your thoughts, stop thinking about how to write a song, and become aware of your most intense feeling that are bubbling to the surface write now. New song ideas can just flow doe intensely when it comes from your emotions. Go with it. Once you start feeling the emotions, start playing, singing, or writing. Don’t judge what comes out, just keep writing. Sometimes teh song actually evolves as you keep writing. Once your emotional flow starts tappering off, take a break to recharge, then come back to your work and see what material you’ve got to work with, and build yuor song from there. I’ve often found that after an emotion-heart-flowing music writing session, that I may be left with a whole in tact song, or sometimes I just use only one line, or one small bit of a tune within the whole sessions material. Again, don’t judge, just go with what feels right, and build from there.  See more on STEP 2 >

This brings us to STEP 3 in ginding your inspiration for a new song =>

STEP 3: Experience life

"What do you mean, experience life?” , I may hear you say?

“I am experiencing life, silly”. 

I know, I know. Hang on and hear me out.

What I mean when I say “Experience life”, is to get out of your normal life routine, and do something difference. Gain new experience. Do something new. See something new. Talk about something new. Get closer to nature, get to know others, see new things, read different books to what you are use to reading, listen to different music, hang out with friends, talk to new people about their interests, help someone in need, take a pet for a walk along a new street, go to a different cafe, take that course you’ve always wanted to try, try doing something hard. Sure, make sure you do so in a healthy and safe way, but by getting out there and experiencing something new and even difficult, engages a different part of our minds, writes new pathways in our brains, and can give rise to new intense emotions or build new experiences that can give us inspiration for a new song. Again, the key here is to keep an open mind, be ready for when inspiration hits and keep your notepad or recording device very close by at all times. When you get an idea, sing it into your recorder, talk about it into your recorder for later, or write it down before you lose it. That way, you can then “let the idea go” and see what other inspiration hit. Either this idea may keep building (then keep capturing it and letting it go as it comes) or other ideas may arise.

So get out there, into the real world, and start gaining new experiences. Again - do this safely. Sure, some somgs have come from the songwriters experiences with the dark side of life, but that’s a very personal choice. I recommend staying safe, and legal, for longevity sake. :)

SONG WRITING: Getting Inspired Step 4: =>  Next Step

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Songwriting Part 1: Where to get a new song idea? STEP 2

SONG WRITING: Getting Inspired 

Step 2: Write from your heart. Feel the song.

As we found out in Step 1 on “Where to get a new song idea”, knowing how to tap into your inner inspiration through sleep is one way of finding your new song idea. Ironically, while some ideas some when relaxed, and well rested, I have often found that my song ideas come from intense emotions rising up from within me. Getting inspired is obviously a personal thing, so I’m not saying that this will work for everyone, but how many times have we heard hit  talking about how their inspiration came from deep, intense emotions from intense times in their lives. This brings us to Step 2 in finding your inspiration to write a great song.

STEP 2: Write from your heart. Feel the song.

Oh no! Not the mushy stuff! I may hear you say?

Come on, let’s face it. The most successful songs are usually about the wongwriter being in love, longing for their loved-one, from their loneliness, from deep despair, or from their deep emotions about people and situations in their lives. Yes - there is a certain amount of thinking involved when you write a song, however I have found that the actual song inspiration can flow much stronger when I open my heart, and try to express what I am FEELING. Not, what I am thinking.

Life brings us boths the “ups” and the “downs”. An inspiration for a great song can come when our emotions are at the most intense point. The emotions seem to be overflowing. Perhaps you have fallen in love and just HAVE to tell someone. Perhaps you got THAT job! Perhaps you aced an exam. Perhaps you had the worst day even and just need a shoulder to cry on. Before hitting the buttons on your phone to tell your BFF about it, if you are in a stable and safe enough place, why not first take a few minutes to play, sing or write about what you are feeling. These feeling may never come back quite as intense or quite to same as what you are feeling right now, so take advanage of it. Capture the moment. Sometimes the inspiration can flow really fast and furious during these times. Take advantage of it. Record it. No matter what comes out.

Often we hear about other songwriters talking about how their hit song coming from a particularly challenging, hard moment in their life, or when they’ve over come a tough challenge, or the classic source of inspiration, falling in love. Tehy found a way to use it to make a great song. What not follow their winning recipe?

SONG WRITING: Getting Inspired Step 3: =>  Next Step

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Songwriting: Part 1 - Where to new song idea? STEP 1

So you know technically how to write a song (the key, notes, etc), but want to write a new song, and you are sitting there ready to write your first note, but nothing comes out?

Perhaps you’ve been strumming your guitar, or randomly playing notes on your keyboard, but a tune just doesn’t seem to materialize?

This is such a common scenario for so many people. 

It certainly helps to first have a basic understanding of how to create a song (there’s lots of books on this, just Google or Amazon Books search for “how to write a song"), but as far as finding inspiration, it can come at the most unexpected times, often hitting like a wave after many days of nothing.

Here a few steps that I’ve found has helped over the years. Nothing can guarantee a smashi hit chart topping hit song, however, getting your songwritting flow on can certain help get you started in the direction of writing a song.


Here’s a few things that I’ve found to help over the years:

Step 1: Go to sleep.

Sometimes the best ideas come to use when we are well rested and just in that beautiful part of sleep when we just start to wake up. We’re not quite still asleep, but we’re not quite yet awake. We are still semi-dreaming, but are aware. Here anything can seem possible, and it’s a wonderful time to find solutions to problems and, yes you guessed it, to get inspiration for a new song. I’ve found it helpful to keep a notebook handy by my bedside with a pen, and to go to sleep thinking about potential songs, but in a relaxed, gentle, positive way. It may not happen on the first night, but after repeating the process for a number of nights, and if getting enough hours sleep every night, I have sometimes found myself gently waking up to a new jingle or tune that I can build a song up on. If you’ve really lucky, you may even wake up to a new song of many instruments and melodies interwoven. Whatever the inspiration that does come. Just make sure to write it down as soon as you can, as when we finally fully wake up, our brains tend to get focused on our day, and what we need to do, etc. and the song inspiration that previousl hit us, goes hiding back down into the depths of our sub-councious somewhere. It’s there, I’m sure, but not that easy to get back out.

SONG WRITING: Getting Inspired Step 2: =>  Next Step

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Bling Bling - Dance Mix - added to Spotify

Hi there, just a quick note to let you know that “Bling Bling - Dance Mix” has been added to Spotify, so you should be able to listen to it through Spotify within the next few days. Enjoy.

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“Bling Bling ~ Freedom” Dance Track by Pia Francini - now in iTunes

New Dance Track Released August in Amazon and iTunes! 

Click to buy yours at Amazon or iTunes

Bling Bling ~ Freedom by Pia Francini 

A fast beat dance track with crazy drums

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 3.19.00 pm

Release Date:  12-Aug-2014

Label:  White Rainbow Productions 

Bling Bling ~ Freedom by Pia Francini is a further major shift in music style for songwriter Pia Francini, “Bling Bling ~ Freedom” is inspired by the crazy non-stop treadmill that people can find themselves on when following their thirst for more. This electronic dance track features some crazy fun drum samples. The music will make you dance.

Primary Genre:  Dance

Secondary Genre:  Electronic  

Language: English

Wow! This one came out pretty quickly. When writing it, my heartrate actually rose to around 120 bpm (yes - I measured it :) ). It’s a pretty pumping beat, and the drum samples worked into the vocals feature some crazy  crashes, mixed in with the low end thumping. Vocals are intermixed with the beat in a way which also accelerated my heartbeat and got my adrenaline pumping. I could see this as a motivating song as a warm up in sports, or before a major event. Listen with caution. You can download it from iTunes or Amazon stores, or listen via You Tube at the link below. Let me know what you think. Stay safe and get rockin'!

          Buy Yours Now at Amazon

          or via iTunes

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“Soul Dancing ~ Around the World"

Out now! New Release Mid-August

Listen or Buy at  Amazon or iTunes

Soul Dancing ~ around the world by Pia Francini 

A dance track with soulful voices from around the world

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.22.01 am

Release Date:  06-Aug-2014

Label:  White Rainbow Productions

Soul Dancing by Pia Francini is major shift in music style for songwriter Pia Francini, “Soul Dancing - around the world” is inspired by people met from different countries around the world. This electronic dance track captures dancing soul from around the world. The music will move you.

Primary Genre:  Dance

Secondary Genre:  Soul  

Language: English

I’m pretty surprized myself over the big change in the style of music that is flowing through me lately. "Soul Dancing" brings a faster beat and more groove than previous songs. It’s sounds like a call from the world to bring together differences that have a common song, and enhance the whole. It’s also designed for a more mature audience, and applies to the soul and dance genres. It’s an interesting shift, and I look forward to seeing what style comes out next. I’m hoping that someone out there gets something from it. It would be nice to hear from you if you do. Peace.

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