Songwriting: Part 1 - Where to new song idea? STEP 1

So you know technically how to write a song (the key, notes, etc), but want to write a new song, and you are sitting there ready to write your first note, but nothing comes out?

Perhaps you’ve been strumming your guitar, or randomly playing notes on your keyboard, but a tune just doesn’t seem to materialize?

This is such a common scenario for so many people. 

It certainly helps to first have a basic understanding of how to create a song (there’s lots of books on this, just Google or Amazon Books search for “how to write a song"), but as far as finding inspiration, it can come at the most unexpected times, often hitting like a wave after many days of nothing.

Here a few steps that I’ve found has helped over the years. Nothing can guarantee a smashi hit chart topping hit song, however, getting your songwritting flow on can certain help get you started in the direction of writing a song.


Here’s a few things that I’ve found to help over the years:

Step 1: Go to sleep.

Sometimes the best ideas come to use when we are well rested and just in that beautiful part of sleep when we just start to wake up. We’re not quite still asleep, but we’re not quite yet awake. We are still semi-dreaming, but are aware. Here anything can seem possible, and it’s a wonderful time to find solutions to problems and, yes you guessed it, to get inspiration for a new song. I’ve found it helpful to keep a notebook handy by my bedside with a pen, and to go to sleep thinking about potential songs, but in a relaxed, gentle, positive way. It may not happen on the first night, but after repeating the process for a number of nights, and if getting enough hours sleep every night, I have sometimes found myself gently waking up to a new jingle or tune that I can build a song up on. If you’ve really lucky, you may even wake up to a new song of many instruments and melodies interwoven. Whatever the inspiration that does come. Just make sure to write it down as soon as you can, as when we finally fully wake up, our brains tend to get focused on our day, and what we need to do, etc. and the song inspiration that previousl hit us, goes hiding back down into the depths of our sub-councious somewhere. It’s there, I’m sure, but not that easy to get back out.

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