Songwriting Part 1: Where to get a new song idea? STEP 3

To review our steps to getting inspired with a new song, here’s what we have so far:

STEP 1: Go to sleep. As you start waking up, be aware of any new tunes or song ideas that come to you. Write them down to build upon further later in the day. See more on STEP 1 >

STEP 2: Write from your heart. Feel the song. Try to calm your thoughts, stop thinking about how to write a song, and become aware of your most intense feeling that are bubbling to the surface write now. New song ideas can just flow doe intensely when it comes from your emotions. Go with it. Once you start feeling the emotions, start playing, singing, or writing. Don’t judge what comes out, just keep writing. Sometimes teh song actually evolves as you keep writing. Once your emotional flow starts tappering off, take a break to recharge, then come back to your work and see what material you’ve got to work with, and build yuor song from there. I’ve often found that after an emotion-heart-flowing music writing session, that I may be left with a whole in tact song, or sometimes I just use only one line, or one small bit of a tune within the whole sessions material. Again, don’t judge, just go with what feels right, and build from there.  See more on STEP 2 >

This brings us to STEP 3 in ginding your inspiration for a new song =>

STEP 3: Experience life

"What do you mean, experience life?” , I may hear you say?

“I am experiencing life, silly”. 

I know, I know. Hang on and hear me out.

What I mean when I say “Experience life”, is to get out of your normal life routine, and do something difference. Gain new experience. Do something new. See something new. Talk about something new. Get closer to nature, get to know others, see new things, read different books to what you are use to reading, listen to different music, hang out with friends, talk to new people about their interests, help someone in need, take a pet for a walk along a new street, go to a different cafe, take that course you’ve always wanted to try, try doing something hard. Sure, make sure you do so in a healthy and safe way, but by getting out there and experiencing something new and even difficult, engages a different part of our minds, writes new pathways in our brains, and can give rise to new intense emotions or build new experiences that can give us inspiration for a new song. Again, the key here is to keep an open mind, be ready for when inspiration hits and keep your notepad or recording device very close by at all times. When you get an idea, sing it into your recorder, talk about it into your recorder for later, or write it down before you lose it. That way, you can then “let the idea go” and see what other inspiration hit. Either this idea may keep building (then keep capturing it and letting it go as it comes) or other ideas may arise.

So get out there, into the real world, and start gaining new experiences. Again - do this safely. Sure, some somgs have come from the songwriters experiences with the dark side of life, but that’s a very personal choice. I recommend staying safe, and legal, for longevity sake. :)

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