Songwriting Part 1: Where to get a new song idea? STEP 4

So far we’ve talked about what steps we can take to find our inspriation for writing a new song. 

The steps covered so far include:

STEP 1: Go to sleep. See more >

STEP 2: Write from your heart. Feel the song. See more >

STEP 3: Experience life. See more >

There are so many many more things that we can do to find our inspiration for writing a song. I look forward to writing about them. Here’s a brief overview of just a few of them that I have found really helpful. If you would like to hear about one of them before the others, please drop me a quick message and I’ll be happy to share it before the others. 

If you’ve found a great way to get your songwriting flowing, feel free to share too.

Other STEPs for finding inspiration for a song:

=> Build a song from the sounds around you

=> Listen to nature. It’s amazing how nature can give us songs

=> Watch a good, moving movie, get your emotions flowing

=> Listen to songs that move you, tap into your emotional flow

=> Jam with others

=> Have fun

=> Sit back, relax, no pressure. Let it flow.

What have you found has helped you get inspired for a great song?

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