Songwriting Part 1: Where to get a new song idea?  STEP 2

SONG WRITING: Getting Inspired 

Step 2: Write from your heart. Feel the song.

As we found out in Step 1 on “Where to get a new song idea”, knowing how to tap into your inner inspiration through sleep is one way of finding your new song idea. Ironically, while some ideas some when relaxed, and well rested, I have often found that my song ideas come from intense emotions rising up from within me. Getting inspired is obviously a personal thing, so I’m not saying that this will work for everyone, but how many times have we heard hit  talking about how their inspiration came from deep, intense emotions from intense times in their lives. This brings us to Step 2 in finding your inspiration to write a great song.

STEP 2: Write from your heart. Feel the song.

Oh no! Not the mushy stuff! I may hear you say?

Come on, let’s face it. The most successful songs are usually about the wongwriter being in love, longing for their loved-one, from their loneliness, from deep despair, or from their deep emotions about people and situations in their lives. Yes - there is a certain amount of thinking involved when you write a song, however I have found that the actual song inspiration can flow much stronger when I open my heart, and try to express what I am FEELING. Not, what I am thinking.

Life brings us boths the “ups” and the “downs”. An inspiration for a great song can come when our emotions are at the most intense point. The emotions seem to be overflowing. Perhaps you have fallen in love and just HAVE to tell someone. Perhaps you got THAT job! Perhaps you aced an exam. Perhaps you had the worst day even and just need a shoulder to cry on. Before hitting the buttons on your phone to tell your BFF about it, if you are in a stable and safe enough place, why not first take a few minutes to play, sing or write about what you are feeling. These feeling may never come back quite as intense or quite to same as what you are feeling right now, so take advanage of it. Capture the moment. Sometimes the inspiration can flow really fast and furious during these times. Take advantage of it. Record it. No matter what comes out.

Often we hear about other songwriters talking about how their hit song coming from a particularly challenging, hard moment in their life, or when they’ve over come a tough challenge, or the classic source of inspiration, falling in love. Tehy found a way to use it to make a great song. What not follow their winning recipe?

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