“Take it Higher and DANCE” by Pia Francini

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 5.54.36 pm

So my new song “Take it Higher and Dance” has just been released on iTunes. I really like this one. It starts out with a cheaky beat which is lifted by an electric guitar echoing from the distance. Then the dance beat comes in, taking the track to a “higher” energy level. As the various vocals interweave, and play off each other, I love feeling of my heel tapping on the floor as I listen out for the classical instruments playing along with the rock instruments. It reminds me a bit of a rock opera, but definately is more Dance than Rock at least IMHO. Whatever you do, don’t look at my “Take it higher” Album, make sure to click on the “Take it higher and Dance” Single. The Dance one is the right track. I made a mistake on the otherone and uploaded the “Bump it Up” song by mistake. Thankfully it will be pulled from the “shelves” soon, so this confusion will go away. I guess that’s what you get from publishing your music in the wee hours of the morning :)   I hope you enjoy this one. Over then next week or so, it will also be available via Amazon, Spotify and many other music streaming sites, so keep an eye out for it. Thanks so much to all those who have downloaded my music so far. Its really great thinking that it may be bring joy to someones life, even for a moment.

Listen to a snippet via iTunes

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