“Bling Bling ~ Freedom” Dance Track by Pia Francini - now in iTunes

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Bling Bling ~ Freedom by Pia Francini 

A fast beat dance track with crazy drums

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Release Date:  12-Aug-2014

Label:  White Rainbow Productions 

Bling Bling ~ Freedom by Pia Francini is a further major shift in music style for songwriter Pia Francini, “Bling Bling ~ Freedom” is inspired by the crazy non-stop treadmill that people can find themselves on when following their thirst for more. This electronic dance track features some crazy fun drum samples. The music will make you dance.

Primary Genre:  Dance

Secondary Genre:  Electronic  

Language: English

Wow! This one came out pretty quickly. When writing it, my heartrate actually rose to around 120 bpm (yes - I measured it :) ). It’s a pretty pumping beat, and the drum samples worked into the vocals feature some crazy  crashes, mixed in with the low end thumping. Vocals are intermixed with the beat in a way which also accelerated my heartbeat and got my adrenaline pumping. I could see this as a motivating song as a warm up in sports, or before a major event. Listen with caution. You can download it from iTunes or Amazon stores, or listen via You Tube at the link below. Let me know what you think. Stay safe and get rockin'!

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